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Guest post from our keynote speaker, Dr. Vrunda Davé Are you tired of working hard but not moving forward as quickly as you thought you would? I know building your own business can sometimes feel like you are rowing a large boat with a very small oar. You are putting in so much energy, but the boat is moving painfully slow. If you’re ready to work

 Charity J., a business planner, found the sales sessions at the 2013 conference especially useful. Click play to see her video. And make sure to register before June 15 to receive the discounted registration fee of $59! (Having trouble with the player? See the video on YouTube instead.)

Dr. Vrunda Davé, our 2014 keynote speaker and publisher of Savvy BizWomen online magazine already agreed to provide free subscriptions to conference attendees. Then she went one giant leap for womankind further. She offered a free subscription for anyone who visits our website who thinks she might want to attend the 2014 conference. That’s a $29.99 value for just knowing about the conference and clicking a few buttons.

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Jennifer Simon leads morning session on mentorship…with a twist Looking for the right mentor? This session puts a whole new spin on fully utilizing the talent in your midst.  We’ll cover tips and tricks for both mentors and mentees that will make your business relationships stronger. In this interactive session, you’ll watch a mock mentorship session. As a bonus, you will have the opportunity to

Our annual conference workshops give you the information you need for your business. Stella O., who owns her own business, was amazed at the high quality of the workshop she attended, “Release Your Sales Voice” with Suzanne Roberts, who is back by popular demand for the 2014 conference on August 16! (Having trouble with the player? See the video on YouTube instead.)