There are many ways to network and many ways to brand you and your company.  Let’s face it, people buy from people.  Even if they buy on line from well known brands, that product or service initially had to be connected to people.  Not just those who created the product or service but the value that was communicated to the general public about how people interact with that brand.  It starts with you!

I’m probably preaching to the choir when I ask “What’s important to your target audience?”  But if I follow it with this question, “What’s important to you?” I bet you have to pause and think about that and how the two are related.   Without knowing and communicating a value proposition to both you and your audience, networking and building a brand becomes a chore.  Let’s make it easy.  The example below should give you an idea about the point I’m trying to make.   Try it yourself.  Next time I will talk about how to take this information and create the script for your branding.


What’s Important To Me

What’s Important to My Target Audience?
Sell each customer as much product as possible Buy minimum quantities to keep shelves stocked
Decrease cost of goods as much as possible Use as much as possible in-store advertising and promotions
Provide excellent customer service Not sure that is important if product is good
Connect with client weekly Occasionally wants to know about specials and new products
Delivery on time all the time Delivery on time all the time