The purpose of  Women Educating Women, Inc. is to enhance the economic viability of micro-businesses owned women by tearing down barriers, changing perceptions,  and encouraging advocacy, leadership and driving growth,  all for continual economic growth and  sustainability.  We feel that a woman should not be deprived of her right to  obtain education and training   within her industry due to lack of funds to pay for that training, professional assistance like that of, and education.

WEW is striving to build a workforce education grant fund to help underwrite costs associated with education and training so a WBE struggling to brand itself will not have to choose between paying   the phone bill and learning new skills. Our annual fundraiser:  “Blaze Your Own TrailGo Bold Go Gutsy Take Risks!” conference offers opportunities for women to connect and grow together.

Connie Spruill, Founder and Director of Women Educating Women, Inc. is a long-time female business owner-advocate and entrepreneur in Ohio.  Connie is a pioneer  for women business owners nationwide.  In 1983 She was profiled in the book:  Women in Citizen Advocacy-28 Women who Shaped Public Policy. Getting her feet wet as a first  time entrepreneur, she started a lumber wholesale company in 1979 while a single mom on welfare.   Looking for a mentor for herself, Connie formed the Association  of Business and Professional Women in Construction, (ABPWC), hoping to connect with an experienced woman in the industry with whom she could share her experiences. Finding none, she ultimately became a mentor to the women members joining the ABPWC.  Women Educating Women, Inc. is a continuation of her dedication to women business owners and their economic growth.