Boomer Women Seeking WBE Certification

Over the past five years women between the ages of 55-64 are transitioning into business ownership more than ever before. That was made evident to me at our most recent conference and by the phone calls and emails received in our office.

Many callers were transitioning from a job to retirement, or have been single moms and now their nest is empty. They want more in life and have the  talent and skills to go after it.  More than that, they have wisdom through experience and not afraid to voice that wisdom.  It’s the goal of Women Educating  Women, Inc. to provide as many resources as possible to help each of you find your target market.  Branding your goods and services comes first.  A visibility strategy is your first step.  We will talk about that in another blog.   For now, the following information provides resources for you to market to the affluent women baby boomers.

I found the following information while researching stats on baby boomer women.  AIO is a firm that designs websites to attract affluent women buyers.

Women over 50 make 80% of buying decisions for households that have 80% of the nation’s money.  (Sources: Boom and Why She Buys).  So doesn’t it make sense that boomer women are saturating the small business arena?  Our Facebook stats are telling us this as well.  Other researchers tell us that the baby boomer generation is online in force. At 56.7 million users, baby boomers make up the largest group of the US internet population, notes a December 2008 eMarketer report, and AARP research director Mark Bradbury reports that 76% of boomers are online. (Another bonus? Bradbury mentions that online boomers are significantly wealthier than the norm, at $84,700 in median household income compared to $60,200 for all US adults.)

Marketing to women baby boomers: resources

Want to learn more about marketing to boomer women? Check out AIO’s list  of the marketing to women books they recommend. They also highly recommend the respected Engage:Boomers blog published by MediaPost, authored and read by a myriad of experts, and the Boomer Project, an e-newsletter with thousands of subscribers.

Respond to this blog and tell us about the audience you plan to target or are targeting.  We have lots of resources to share and I bet many of  you out there do as well.   We want to hear about them.

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