connieConnie Spruill’s conference workshop, “A Sales System Especially for Coaching,” teaches you a system of 10 specific steps to increase your income tenfold. Although designed for coaches, this workshop is invaluable for independent representatives and service providers of all types.

Connie is an international trainer and consultant traveling the globe working with government agencies, educational institutions and community organizations developing and implementing workforce education programs focused on self-employment.  She has worked in Europe, Africa, Mexico, Australia and Canada over the years. Her focus has always been on helping women find their purpose and turning it into a business that creates multiple streams of income for them.

Early on in her career she developed a skill of creating multiple streams of income in a business.  Her success includes building a construction supply company selling to contractors and to the government and grossing millions of dollars in sales over the five years she worked the industry.

In the mid-eighties she moved into professional development coaching and training.  Once again Connie built a business that produced multiple streams of income; this time, in the area of business startup, training, consulting, and personal coaching as her focus.

As an international trainer and speaker, she has helped thousands of people around the globe in many cultures launch and grow their own businesses. These days Connie stays close to home offering her expertise to women specifically. She takes a holistic approach to their development, delving into the cellular structures of their beings to pull out the passion they miss and help them turn that passion into a business that contributes to the overall betterment of the world today while building their own multiple streams of income.