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Sign up for a 45 minute roundtable to give a mini session to a small group.  Give conference participants an opportunity to taste your knowledge and skills. Roundtables aren’t sales pitches; you should provide your colleagues with some information or ideas that they can use.

Roundtable presenters must bring an unique offering to the conference for participants that would not ordinarily be offered to the general public. This can include a special

Roundtable Presentation Opportunity:  $25.00 (you must be a registrant of the conference to participate. To register for the conference and roundtable please click here)


  • To recruit and build your sales team
  • To do a mini coaching session and close a coaching opportunity
  • To brand your program
  • To connect with potential referral sources, customers, and partners

Want to provide a roundtable but have trouble coming up with an idea? Contact Leah and she’ll brainstorm with you!