A business that depends on direct sales to drive revenue who thinks it is through with learning Partnering with clients/customers is an often overlooked strategy used by larger companies to continue building their brand.  Why would you do this?  The number one reason would be to help your customer solve a problem.  How would you do this?  In my personal consulting and coaching business I always ask this question first:  “What problem can I help you solve?”  That opens a conversation that can take you in many directions.  So get ready to listen to your customer when you ask and take copious notes.

Selling is about solving customer problems, whether they are problems customers are currently facing, or problems they will face as their marketplace evolves and their needs change.  My clients call me a change agent.  They do so because when they answer my question on how I can help them solve a problem, I already have a tool in my tool box that I apply to remedy their issue.  One of those tools is a  holon. I use the Maslow Hirearchy of Needs and Human Development Holon as my reference tools.

I  describe the problem from the customer’s point of view once they answer my question. Make sure the problem is  one the customer sees value in solving.  Find out what benefits your customer feels she/he will reap if you resolve it.  Ask the right questions and listen before acting.    Below is an example of a tool I use with every customer and, that I teach my coaching clients to use.  It’s an example of a holon.  A holon is a system of systems.  Just like the body has a limbic system, circulatory system, nervous system, etc.  We also have an innate psychological system that sends messages to us constantly on how we are doing, how we are feeling and how we want to respond if at all, to a message.  The tools are below.

Maslow's Hirearchy

These holons can apply to both B2C and B2B clients.   Determine where your customer/client is on the hirearchies above and then go to work to identify the Achille’s heel  or the hot button your client needs to fulfill.  Stay tuned to this blog for continuing information on this subject and how to use these tools.