It has always amazed me when I hear marketers say to me that they don’t need to attend an event focused on educating others on how to apply  social media or internet marketing to a business.  “I already know  how to do that,” they say to me.   I then ask them “how’s business?”  The answer is always the same:  “Who wouldn’t want more business or more clients?”  Well, hello!  Who goes to these events anyway?  People that need help!  They are looking for ways to do it themselves or to at least understand the lingo of the industry.

Would this not be a captive audience for you as an internet marketing expert?  All you need to do is let your networking skills take over and show attendees of these events that not only can you help them get started but that you have a very affordable package to make that happen.   What?  You don’t have an offer to get your foot in the door?  OK, we have lots of work to do.

Right now, however, all I want you to do is mark your calendars for Saturday, September 29, 2012 for BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL.  An event for not only learning but for procuring new business clients for your business.

More Information and to Register CLICK HERE!

Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Development &

The Small Business Development Center

at Columbus State Community College